Avoiding Wedding Day Breakouts

My Personal Skincare Regimen For Avoiding Breakouts 

I’m not a dermatologist; but I’ve frequented them since I was 14. Unfortunately I’m now 40 and still plagued with oily, breakout prone skin.

When I was 20 I was prescribed Accutane from my dermatologist. It was a godsend to say the least; however it’s effects lasted only about 10 years. Around 30 I started breaking out again, add two pregnancies, and raging hormones and my acne prone skin was back.

Accutane was great at 20; however I was young, and not concerned about health risks involved with taking it. I thought about going on it again- but fortunately instead I found a skincare cocktail that worked to help control my breakouts, without over-drying  my skin.


Here’s my day and night regimen:

Best skincare products for acne

1. Cleanse- Biolements Spotless Cleanser

2. Tone- Biolements Active Astringent

3. Refiner- Biolements Quick Refiner

4. Serum (sometimes)

5. Moisturizer (sometimes)

6. Sunscreen (during spring, summer, and fall)


  • Biolements Breakout Control
  • Clarisonic
  • Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash







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