How to Achieve A Perfect Hair And Makeup Trial Run

My inspiration for this blog-

Here is an excellent example of a wedding hair and makeup collage. I received this last week from one of my bridal clients. Her collage inspired me to write this blog. I thought it was PERFECT!

Choosing Your Hair and Makeup look

After you find the perfect wedding dress the next thing to think about is your hair and makeup.

I find some brides get overwhelmed with this. It’s really not that difficult to find images. We have this great tool called the internet- and while bridal magazines may be helpful, I wouldn’t waist a lot of time looking for hairstyles through them. If you happen upon a great hairstyle while browsing, do tear it out, or better yet snap a picture of it, and pin it to your Pinterset page so you won’t loose it.


Speaking of Pinterest- it’s one of my favorite, and most helpful tools of all in the search for the perfect hair and/or makeup inspiration! That’s not all Pinterest is good for- but that’s another Blog 🙂

Pinterset has gained a lot of notoriety over just the past year.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet- Planning you wedding couldn’t be a more perfect reason to start one!

Keyword Phrases (Hair and/or Makeup)

When looking for pictures there are certain keywords, or phrases you can type to narrow your search. This can be done in a ‘Google search’ or on Pinterest.

 Try some of these:

“bridal updo”






“Down bridal hairstyles”






“wedding makeup”






“Asian makeup” or “Indian makeup” (depending on your ethnicity- this may be helpful)






“Hollywood hair styles”







“Hollywood hairstyles”

Utilizing “Hollywood hairstyles” is my favorite way to search for hair inspiration. Once you  find a Celebrity who’s updo or down ‘do you love, look to see where the picture was taken.

For this example  I’m going to use Carrie Underwood. This is a commonly requested bridal or bridesmaid updo.  Next You’ll need to figure out the event it was taken at for the next step. This was taken at Movies Rock 2007. In your Google search bar type in “Carrie Underwood Movies Rock 2007.” From this extra step you’ll find pictures of every angle of Carrie Underwood’s classic looking updo.

I like to be able to see every angle of an updo, and by searching out celebrities you’ll be able to do just that.

 Creating Your Hair And Makeup Collage

Now that you found the images you’ll need to organize them. This is where Pinterest will really come in handy. Or if your a bit ‘Old School’ or a bit OCD, you can take some screen shoots and place the images into a Word document (Pinterest is much more simple, and easy to share.)

Screen Shots

If you don’t know what, or know how to do a screen shoot, here are two links- one for a PC and another for a Mac- How to do a screen shoot on a Mac or How to do a screen shoot on a PC.

Excellent Example Of A Bridal Hair and Makeup Collage

 Again- here is my inspiration for this blog, and why doing this will help you achieve a perfect trial run the first time around.

              • It has captured three different angles of her hair inspiration (front and back, and side)
              • There is a close up of the ‘perfect eye makeup look’ she desires. From this close up I not only can see the makeup, I can also see what the color pallet is (violet).  If a picture is too distant it won’t show enough detail.
              • My bridal client also had a very similar eye-shape to the model in the picture. Realistic expectations of what your makeup will look like compared to someone else will help you avoid disappointments.
              • Same goes for your hair. Try to find updo or down do examples of models with similar hair color to yours. Blond or highlighted hair normally photographs better because it shows more dimension, curl, and texture than a solid color dark brunette will.


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